Wednesday, August 14, 2019

New Lush Limited Time Haul

Hello friends! Today, I will be sharing my haul from Lush. In my new and first ever apartment, we have a bath tub, yes, a bath tub. This is my first time living in a place with an actual bath tub! How many times can I say bath tub? I'm just excited that I can finally take baths. The bath bombs I purchased are new and limited edition so definitely check out your local Lush or get yours online. I did do a haul video of these products which you can watch below. Other than that, I will be posting photos and descriptions of each product here on my blog. 
Groovy Kind of Love 
Scents of rosewood, bergamont, and ylang ylang oils - known to help with relaxation and sexual desire. Yup, sexual desire. I only found that out from doing my research after purchasing the bath bomb. It has a chalky sweet candy scent in my opinion.
Olive Branch
This is a limited edition bath fizzer so check it out while it's available. Contains lemon, Sicilian mandaring oils, and olive oil to hydrate skin and brighten your mood. 
Marshmallow World
Another new and limited edition bath bomb, Marshmallow World has sweet vanilla, marshmallow powder, and lavender. I had to grab this as I love marshmallow and the lady at Lush recommended it.

 Love, Chris
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