Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Lush Amazon Primer Review

Amazon Primer
I feel like this product is inaccurately advertised as it says it is a pre-makeup mattifier. To mattify is to reduce shine or oils. The Amazon primer is a good face oil but definitely does not mattify my skin. It claims to reduce redness which I do not see when I use this product. Overall, it is a good oil or moisturizer for dry skin but would definitely skip using this under makeup as it is too oily to be a base.
 Love, Chris

New Lush Limited Time Haul

Hello friends! Today, I will be sharing my haul from Lush. In my new and first ever apartment, we have a bath tub, yes, a bath tub. This is my first time living in a place with an actual bath tub! How many times can I say bath tub? I'm just excited that I can finally take baths. The bath bombs I purchased are new and limited edition so definitely check out your local Lush or get yours online. I did do a haul video of these products which you can watch below. Other than that, I will be posting photos and descriptions of each product here on my blog. 
Groovy Kind of Love 
Scents of rosewood, bergamont, and ylang ylang oils - known to help with relaxation and sexual desire. Yup, sexual desire. I only found that out from doing my research after purchasing the bath bomb. It has a chalky sweet candy scent in my opinion.
Olive Branch
This is a limited edition bath fizzer so check it out while it's available. Contains lemon, Sicilian mandaring oils, and olive oil to hydrate skin and brighten your mood. 
Marshmallow World
Another new and limited edition bath bomb, Marshmallow World has sweet vanilla, marshmallow powder, and lavender. I had to grab this as I love marshmallow and the lady at Lush recommended it.

 Love, Chris

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Fried Butter Shrimp & Green Beans

 If you love buttered shrimp and fried green beans, you'll enjoy this dish. This is my go-to meal when I want something easy and delicious. 
1. peeled shrimp
2. green beans
3. garlic powder
4. salt 
5. pepper
6. olive oil
7. 1 tbsp of butter

1. In a pan, heat up a drizzle of olive oil on medium-high heat
2. Fry green beans, with salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste. Cook until tender with dark caramel color, about 10-15 minutes.
3. Add shrimp with butter, salt, and pepper to taste. Cook 2-3 minutes on each side, depending on size of shrimp. (Shrimp cooks quickly; You don't want to overcook shrimp or it will become chewy.) 
I like to serve this dish with rice. Enjoy!

 Love, Chris

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Easy Beef Sinigang Recipe Using a Pressure Cooker

Since moving out of my parents' home, I've been missing my mom's cooking. This past week, I've been craving my mom's beef sinigang. If you've never tried sinigang before, it's a sour tamarind based soup with meat and vegetables. It's usually served with rice and it's delicious.
-1 40g Knorr Tamarind/Sampaloc mix
- 3 lbs of flanken style ribs
- 1 bunch of pechay or bok choy (whichever one you are able to find)
- 1 yellow onion chopped
- 2 beefsteak tomatoes diced
- 3 long green peppers
-10 okras
- 2 tbs fish sauce/patis
- black pepper to taste
1. Place the 8-10 cups of water in the pressure cooker along with the beef flanken style ribs.
 2. Pressure cook beef for 25 minutes.
3. Allow pressure cooker to vent before lifting the lid.
4. Add tamarind mix along with vegetables, peppers, patis, and black pepper (basically, put remaining ingredients inside the pot)
5. Cover pressure cooker and cook for another 5 minutes.
6. Vent pressure cooker and then it's ready.
Don't forget to serve the sinigang with rice and enjoy!

 Love, Chris

Swatch & Discount for Wet n Wild megaglo Highlighting Powder in Blossom Glow

Along with swatches of this beautiful highlighter, I want to share the discount I used to get this for $2 and some change. First, you'll have to download the Target app on your phone. After creating an account, go to cartwheel offers and search for Wet n Wild. Find the 20% off Wet n Wild Megaglo products and click on the + sign. Once you see a check mark, you'll know it's added into your wallet. This discount deal ends on August 10, 2019.  Next, head over to the krazy coupon lady and click on printable for wet n wild coupons and print the coupon for $1 off any Wet n Wild product. Remember, once you open this page, you must either save it or print it right away because you won't be able to go back to the same page as it is not allowed to print multiples of a coupon with the same bar code number; Each coupon has a unique bar code number.

After you have your hands on both the Target Wheel offer and the manufactured coupon, head over to Target and go get yourself any one of the Wet n Wild Megaglo products. At check out, scan your product first and followed by your Target cartwheel found in wallet, and there you go!

Now, onto the swatches!
Here's one swipe of the highlight on my cheekbone. I love how it can be subtle depending on how light of a layer you put. It is also buildable if you like the really strong highlight look. The highlight has a slight iridescent pink sheen to it as you look at it through different angles. Honestly, I was afraid that it was going to be too pink for my liking, but it actually compliments my skin tone. It differs from the usual pearl highlights that I would gravitate towards. 

Have you tried the Wet n Wild highlights? If not, try using the coupons above if you plan to get one. Thanks for reading! 

 Love, Chris

Friday, July 12, 2019

Trader Joe's Mashed Cauliflower Review

 Trader Joe's and the cauliflower craze... I finally hopped on the bandwagon for the two things. Yes, I've never been to a Trader Joe's until now. I love it there; They have so many things I fancy. This is one of the three cauliflower products I purchased on my first trip, the cauliflower mash. There are two ways they recommend you cook them: stove top and microwave. I just washed the pan so you better believe I chose the microwave. I basically put the whole bag in a bowl and microwaved it for 6 minutes. So how did it turn out?
It definitely did not look appetizing because of the watery consistency. It only looked like this in the beginning; The mash soaked up the liquid after a few minutes making it look more like mashed potatoes. How about the taste you ask. It tasted just like cauliflower with a crushed consistency. For me, it was okay. I made my other half try it and he said the same thing, it was okay. It is not something I would try again but I am glad I tried it. I suggest you give it a go if you have not tried it yet because you may like it. The thing is, I tried a really delicious cauliflower dish before this and it was delicious. If you want to know which cauliflower product I'm talking about, stay tuned as it will be in a future post. As for this cauliflower mash, thank you, next. Sorry! I just had to! 
 Love, Chris

Monday, July 8, 2019

How Much Do You Actually Make From Your Depop Sale?

Hello lovelies, I hope you're all doing well. Today, I will be sharing how much you earn from your sales on Depop. I've been selling items on Depop for roughly over a year and I want to let you know the gist of it, especially if you're planning on running your own Depop shop as well.

Image result for depop how much do they take

  1. Depop takes 10% of the sale cost. It's free to open your own Depop shop and post items, but once you make a sale, Depop will take 10% of your sale cost. This is how Depop makes money since they don't charge sellers in any of the other mentioned factors of starting a Depop shop.
  2. Paypal takes 2.9% plus $0.30 of payment. That's if you ship with paypal. Depop now has the option to ship with them.
Let's try the math. 
If I sell a $10 shirt,
Depop takes $1, making the total $9.
Paypal then takes .56 cents, making the total $8.44.
Keep in mind, this doesn't include shipping cost.
I hope this helps you out a bit for you new sellers out there.
Happy selling!

 Love, Chris

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Netlfix Series you Should Watch this Summer

With summer among us, it's time to get into our pajamas, grab some ice cream, and tune in to some Netflix shows. These are Netflix shows that I personally enjoyed watching and I hope you enjoy them too!

1) The Office
Image result for the office
If you have never seen The Office, you need to start. It's a funny series that follows workers at "the office." You will laugh, you will fall in love with the characters, and you will cry. Make sure you watch the American version because it's the only version I recommend. (I could not get through the UK version.)

2) The Umbrella Academy
Image result for the umbrella academy
Not your average heroes, these siblings all have their own interesting personality which builds on the story line. After the first season, you will be looking forward to the next season.

3) The Final Table
Image result for the final table
This cooking show reels you in as the contestants cook meals from all over the world. The last chef standing joins the table of top chefs from all over the world.

4) Rilakkuma and Kaoru
Image result for rilakkuma and kaoru
Rilakkuma and Kaoru is a lovable and light hearted series. You follow the lives of stuff animals who are alive and live with a single woman living in Japan.

5) Aggretsuko
Image result for aggretsuko
This cartoon series follows Retsuko, an ordinary office worker. Or so you may think! When she gets upset, listen and watch her sing aka roar her heavy metal music, hence where the AGG from AGGretsuko may have come from.

6) Grey's Anatomy
Image result for greys anatomy
Grey's Anatomy is an all time favorite that has been running on our television screens for over a decade. With a show full of doctors, you will fall in love with the characters and cry. This series has some serious episodes so this is not for the light hearted.

7) Tuca & Bertie
Image result for tuca and bertie
Two totally opposite best friends who go through their adult lives. This is a hilarious cartoon series that is great for adults.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Lush Rosy Cheeks Mask Review

I purchased this mask last year from Japan. It has a soft rosy scent so it's not as over powering as I imagined since I'm not a fan of rose scents. The main reason I purchased this mask is because it contains calamine and claims to calm the skin, in hopes it can calm down my redness. The ingredients are Glycerine, Kaolin, Fresh Rose Petals Infusion (Rosa Centifolia), Calamine Powder, Rose Clay (Kaolinite) Fragrance, Rose Oil (Rosa Damascena), Benzyl Alcohol Butylphenyl Methylpropional, and Citronellol.

After washing the mask off, my face felt matte and my redness was reduced, as it claims. Its effects doesn't last but for a night time or day time mask to pamper the skin, it's worth a try.
 Love, Chris
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