Thursday, August 25, 2016

Review on Etsy Shop: Cry Baby Sailor Moon & Hang in there Luna Pins

 I made my first ever Etsy purchase because after seeing these Sailor Moon inspired pins, I had to get them. I purchased them from Elorasaurus. First off, the Cry Baby pin was $8 and the Hang in there pin was $9. Shipping to the U.S. was $4.50 so the total of my order was $21.50. These are typical prices as pins usually go for about $10 (give or take). Elorasaurus' shipping policy said that items ship 1-2 business days although mine wasn't shipped yet and it was about a week so I went ahead an contacted the seller. She got back to me explaining that she's been busy as she's moving into a new house. So it was understandable. I wasn't in any rush, I just wanted to make sure I was getting what I paid for.  As a seller myself, it's important to give customers a heads up on what's going on or on any delays so they're not stuck waiting and wondering. 
 Both pins look so much more beautiful in person and smaller than I expected, but I'm pretty happy about that. Their car backs also look amazing and I don't plan on throwing them away.
As a big fan of Sailor Moon, I am very happy with my purchase as they have great quality.
The seller was really nice to send me a freebie of her cute design stickers as well as a discount code for my next purchase and not to mention, the wonderful star confetti. 
 Love, Chris
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