Tuesday, August 16, 2016

MAC Chicory and Brick-O-La

Hi everyone, today I will be sharing my review and swatches of MAC's lip pencil in Chicory and amplified creme lipstick in Brick-O-La.
Chicory is a a brownish brick shade
Chicory lip liner. This is the technique of how the MAC makeup artist applied the lip liner.
Chicory lip liner
Brick-O-La as described by MAC is a mid toned berry, amplified creme finish.
Left to Right: Brick-O-La, Chicory
Chicory lip liner with Brick-O-La amplified creme lipstick

MAC's Chicory lip liner and Brick-O-La lipstick make a great pair. Both not only apply nice and smoothly but also have a good amount of wear time. They are definitely comfortable on the lips, especially with the creme finish of the lipstick. With their high pigmentation, I feel like they can last me a while before finishing each of them. 

Have you tried these MAC lip products? How do you like them?

 Love, Chris
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