Saturday, April 9, 2016

Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-free Foundation - Review

I have been using this foundation for years. I finished my bottle and I'm already tempted to repurchase another one. Do you see the proof of attempted scrapes inside the middle of the bottle? That was my attempt in getting more product using a q-tip. This is the foundation I wore when my friend stopped our conversation to compliment my skin. That's a high compliment for me and of course I humbly told her that it was thanks to this foundation. 
This foundation gave me the most natural coverage, which it claims. It didn't give me cake face but it evened out my skin tone well. This foundation was so gentle on my skin as I break out easily with my acne-prone sensitive skin; It never broke me out.

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?

 Love, Chris

Friday, April 8, 2016

What to take to Disney World or Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea - Summer Edition

For those of you who have been to Tokyo during the summer time and Florida, you'll know how incredibly hot and humid it is. From my experience with Tokyo Disney during the summer, I came up with items that were essential for me during Disney trips in hot places, including Tokyo Disneyland in the summer as well as Disney World in the hot and humid weather of Florida. If you plan on heading down to Disney, I hope this gives you an idea of what you should bring with you to fit your needs. This list excludes my absolute necessities such as my wallet and phone as those are always with me.

Sunblock - This is a no-brainer. We need to protect our skin from the sun and although I apply sunblock before I head to Disney, I like to bring the bottle just in case I need to reapply.
Body Spray/Mist - If you like to freshen up in the middle of a hot day, one or two spritz of your favourite body mist can help; It's not as heavy as perfume and it's more likely to fade out throughout the day. So if you like to keep your scent lasting, just bring along your favourite body mist. You can also bring along a simple water mist bottle like the Evian Mineral Water Spray to help you cool down throughout a hot day.
Hand Sanitizer - This is just a quick way of removing bacteria from your hands as a theme park isn't the cleanest place to be touching things.
Wet Wipes - These come in handy for multiple uses. If you want to freshen up, you can take a wipe or two and wipe down your body. You can also use it to wipe up tables or seats.
Tissues - Like wet wipes, these can be used to wipe tables and chairs, as well as your face or hands. If you're wearing makeup, you can use these to pat your face dry instead of wet wipes which may wipe your makeup off. These are also really handy when you or someone in your group tears up during one of the night shows; Those shows can really make you shed tears of joy.
Floss - Having something stuck in between your teeth after you eat can be frustrating, so having floss makes things a lot easier. You don't have to worry so much about food being stuck in your teeth when you're smiling for a picture.
Mints - An easy way to freshen your breath throughout the day. I prefer mint candies over gum as I don't have to worry about finding a trash can to throw gum out.
Lip Balm - If you're like me, you suffer from dry lips despite the weather. My favorite lip balm is the Jack Black mint lip balm. I love the mint scent and sensation and it is my holy grail lip product as it keeps my lips moisturised throughout the day. The only time I need to reapply is after a meal. Otherwise, this stuff stays on my lips until the end of the day.
Hydro Flask - I love my ice water and hydro flasks keep my beverages cold throughout a whole day. I highly recommend bringing one. If you're not picky about your water, you can get iced water at places that sell fountain drinks at Disney World and you can pour that into your hydro flask if you ever need a refill.
Blotting sheets - Great for oily-skinned guys and gals, especially during a hot day when your skin builds up oils twice as fast than usual.
Face blotting powder - Use this after you blot your face with the blotting sheets as you don't want to layer powder straight over oily skin. This helps keep your face matte for a longer period of time. The loreal face powder comes in handy as it has a sponge and a built-in mirror for application. The mirror comes in handy if you need to check your face or mouth after you eat.
Portable Charger - Great in keeping your phone alive throughout the day as you may be using it for the Disney app to keep track of attraction wait times or for taking magical photos.
Umbrella - If you've been to Tokyo Disneyland or Disney Sea, you know that umbrellas are your best friend from the heat. Everyone in Tokyo Disneyland and Disney uses umbrellas for not just the rain but also to protect themselves from the heat. It's not as common to find umbrellas in Disney World as most people in Disney World use ponchos for the rain but I find ponchos really muggy as it is incredibly warm and humid at Disney World.
Hand Fan - These are really nice for keeping you cool. Grab the foldable or paper ones and they don't take up much space in your bag. I learnt this trick from Japan as they would give out hand fans as flyers/advertisements during the hot summer; such a smart move, Japan! By the end of they day, we would take home one to four fans.
Ziploc Bags - These are handy for keeping your electronics in when you get on a water ride. You'll especially be needing these during Kali River Rapids as you'll get soaked on that ride. These also help during rainy days when you decide to run/walk in the rain as you don't want the rain holding you back from enjoying your day.
Bandages - After getting blisters from even my most comfortable shoes, bandages really helped. Not only are they for cuts but they can help in preventing your foot from rubbing onto your shoes if you ever start feeling discomfort.
Lastly, don't forget your Minnie Ears!
What do you take to Disney World or Disneyland? 
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