Friday, March 18, 2016

Tokyo Disneyland Food

When my boyfriend and I decided to eat lunch at Disney, I ended up getting more of a dessert while he stuck with a safe bet, pizza. I didn't take a separate photo of the pizza, but it was under there, as you can see the red pizza box. Nonetheless, it was a delicious slice of pizza.
The dessert was a cake made of layered thin crepes and cream. To top it off, they added the Mickey  head shaped candy on top. This dessert was so satisfying to cut into and devour. It was delicious!
To end our meal, we ordered a soda drink that had candy pellets in it, resembling nerds candy. It was a fun treat as well.
 We ordered these from the building to the left of Troubadour Tavern
Later in the day, we purchased the little green dumplings near Pan Galactic Pizza Port. They are mochi filled with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry custard. They were delicious but I would've preferred if they had more of an ice cream filling.
 Love, Chris

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