Thursday, March 10, 2016

Japan Trip - Genki Sushi

Hello everyone! On my trip to Japan, I decided to try out Genki Sushi located in Shibuya. Genki Sushi is a chain restaurant with sushi trains.
1. Before you are seated, the cashier hands you a pad with a bar code which you hold on to until you're ready to pay. 
2. You order using a touch screen and you can make your own hot green tea using the hot water spout  and green tea powder at your counter. 
3. Your order comes to you on a sushi train and you'll hear a beeping sound alerting you that your order arrived.
4. Grab your plate(s) and press the lit button after to send the train tray back.
5. After you finish eating, you hand the bar code pad back to the cashier and they scan the bar code to determine how much you need to pay.
I have to say that I loved the dishes from Genki Sushi. The fish are so fresh and delicious. At the end of our meal, we paid a lot less than we would pay for sushi back at home. 

I highly recommend checking this restaurant out as their sushi is delicious and affordable!

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