Friday, December 18, 2015

Missha Time Revolution White Cure Lotion & Toner

Earlier this month, I purchased Missha's Time Revolution White Cure Gift Set since I knew I wanted to try the line. The line claims to help lighten hyper pigmentation as well as promote healthy skin. Missha is a popular Korean skin care company and I have to say, I love Korean beauty and skin care products.
The gift set would make as a great gift for anyone who loves skin care. The set includes The radiance toner, radiance lotion, and a sample size for each.
White Cure Radiance Toner strengthens and brightens the skin.
Contains Neo-White LP and White-CureTM to help control spots and flaws in its early stages as well as visible blemishes by adjusting the cycle of melanin production. CromoCareTM helps control chromophore which absorbs light inside the skin and prevents denaturation of protein. DN-AidTM provides vitality to cells and helps protect cell tissues from harmful factors inside the skin. Also contains White Flower Extract to provide deep moisture and radiance.
Brightening emulsion that clears up dull complexions and brightens pigmented, rough skin.
Contains highly concentrated brightening ingredients that create radiating skin by providing moisture and nutrients needed for damaged skin.
Balances the oil-moisture level of face and applies smoothly on fatigued skin to maintain moisturized, radiating skin all day long.

1. DN-Aid™
Individual DNA care ingredient created in collaboration with SERO Biologiques of France.

2. White-Cure
Melanin care ingredients of Madagascar island found by the Bayer Ltd that control the melanin formation.

3. White Flower extract (20%)
Extracts of 7 different flowers - Rose, Freesia, Edelweiss, Jasmine, Lily, Iris and Lotus
I've been loving this line so far; It helped lighten my acne scars as well as keep my skin nice and smooth. I also have sensitive skin so I'm glad that this line doesn't break me out like other products do. 
 Love, Chris

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

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