Thursday, January 23, 2014

Japanese Lunch Buffet

My Outfit of the Day
We got the best seat in the restaurant, right near the window.
 My favorite part of the buffet!
 Pizza & Tempura Randoms
Guess what this is!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 Beauty Favorites

Makeup Brushes
2 of 3 of my favorite makeup brushes are these ebay brushes that I blogged about a while back. They were only around $3-$4 each and they have great quality. They're dense and soft, unlike other cheap brushes. The 2 I've been loving in particular are the angled flat top and the round top brushes. Both are great for applying flawless foundation.
My last favorite brush is my well loved Sigma F80 Flat top Kabuki Brush. This applies foundation really nicely, leaving a flawless look. I will always love this brush.
I finished up this Juice Beauty Green Apple Moisturizer a while back and I want more of it. It absorbs quickly, allowing me to put on my face make up without having to wait for it to dry up first. It also creates a nice smooth base for my face makeup. It's not oily at all and I recommend it for oily skin gals like me.

Rimmel's Match Perfection Concealer and Highlighter gives me natural coverage, conceals the redness of my skin, and evens out my skin tone without any cakiness. It's a great everyday concealer to just pop on and go.

The Bare Minerals Matte Powder Foundation is my love! It's a concealer, foundation, and powder in one. This is the only face makeup I'll ever need if I had to only choose one. It looks natural and it keeps my oiliness at bay at the same time. I only use it for special occasions because I don't want to finish it up yet. I love it so much!
 Jack Black Lip Balm in Natural Mint and Shea Butter is a product targeted towards men, with that being said, I love that it is not slippery and glossy. It feels really comfortable on the lips and keeps my lips moisturized.
L'oreal's Cardinal Plume Lipstick is the perfect lipstick for me. It has the perfect amount of red and the lasting power is amazing. It feels really light weight and it leaves a beautiful even stain as the day goes by and it is not drying at all. It is my favorite lipstick of all time. I can't say that other shades from this line give the same results because I've tried a lighter color from the line and it didn't do much for me. But I definitely recommend this shade.
The Be a Bombshell Eyeliner in Onyx is my go to full proof eyeliner marker. It is waterproof and it will last the whole day. I also love that it's really dark and opaque. When I say full proof, I'm not kidding, you'll need an oil based eye makeup remover to fully remove this stuff; I recommend using extra virgin olive oil.

I purchased this Nars Eyeshadow Primer from Sephora because Ingrid aka Missglamorazzi recommended it. If you have oily eyelids, use this! It will help your eye makeup look vibrant and last longer.
Lastly, the Too Faced Romantic Eyeshadow palette is my favorite palette of 2013. It has my go-to eyeshadow colors and they're all really soft and pigmented. This is also my favorite palette to look at because it's so gorgeous.

So, those were my 2013 beauty favorites.
What were your favorites of last year?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

December Beauty Favorites 2013

Hi everyone! Yes, I decided to do a December favorites this year because there are 3 products that I've been grabbing so much in December and just had to mention. I will be posting my 2013 beauty favorites soon as well so keep your eyes out for that. 
L'oreal's True Match Blush in the shade Innocent Flush is such a gorgeous peachy coral shade that I've been wearing as my everyday blush in December. It gives my cheeks such a gorgeous healthy-looking flush of color.
Innocent Flush is a peachy coral with a bit of shimmer in the pan but the shimmer gives more of a healthy light glow to your skin when applied. It is not a heavily shimmery product at all.
Can you tell that I've been loving my Eos Lip Balm in Summer Fruit? This stuff is moisturizing, natural, and smells amazing. The thing I noticed about Eos lip balms is that you have to get passed the first outer layer to get to the more moisturizing part of the balm inside. I think that is why people tend to either love it or hate it. This is definitely going to make another appearance when I do my next empties post.
Wet n Wild's eyebrow kit in Ash Brown is the perfect shade for me. The powders mixed make the perfect shade and the wax is a plus, as you can see there's none left.

What are your favorites of December? Let me know if you made a blog post or just comment them below. <3
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