Friday, October 11, 2013

Ebay Makeup Brushes Review

If you are familiar with the Real Techniques brushes then you may notice that these look quite similar. These are not dupes; the brush heads are different from the Real techniques brushes. The body looks like Real Techniques brushes but the actual brush heads remind me of Sigma.
I purchased four of the brushes from one seller and the brush in the center in a different packaging from another seller. 
As you can see, the four brushes that came in the flexible plastic packaging also came in another clear plastic. 
I will be reviewing the brushes based on what they're called here, in order, starting with Style 1.
Style 1 is a dense angled kabuki brush that's great for blending foundation. The angle helps get the brush into the sides and corners of the nose and under the eyes.
Style 2 is a round top dense kabuki brush that is great for blending foundation or it can also be used to apply powder blushes.
Style 3 is a stipple brush that is great for applying cream blushes. It grabs a perfect amount of cream blush and stipples on nicely without overdoing the color. I love that the bristles are a little more compact so the blush concentration is focused on a certain area instead of spreading all over the face. (I compared this to my E.L.F. stipple brush that had bristles that were spread apart which made my blush would go all over my face.)
Style 4 is a dense flat top kabuki brush which is great for blending foundation. (In comparison to the Sigma flat top kabuki brush, this brush's bristles are longer which makes the bristles more flexible. But it's still really dense so it works with foundation as well as the Sigma flat top kabuki brush.)
Style 5 is the only brush out of the five that has text branding printed on the body and this is the same brush that came in the different packaging. It is a dense brush that has a contour shape to it so it can work for contouring and also for buffing foundation.
Overall, these brushes are great, especially for the price. Although, I did deal with falling bristles on a couple of them. They're dense and nicely compact, yet a little flexible.
I purchased the first four brushes in the photo above for $3.13 each from
I purchased the last brush for $3.45 from

 Love, Chris 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review: Makeup Sponge Puff from Ebay

Hi lovelies, today I will be reviewing this makeup sponge puff that I purchased from ebay for $1.68. I've been hearing a lot of good reviews about the beauty blender but I've been hesitant on giving it a try because I cannot bring myself to pay for a small sponge for around $20. 
 The size of the beauty puff in contrast of a quarter
 The sponge is dense so when I pat it on my face, it doesn't squish down since it's not soft. 
It's best to soak a beauty sponge before using it to apply foundation so that the sponge doesn't soak up the foundation. Although I soak this sponge with water, I feel it still soaks up a lot of my liquid foundation. It doesn't expand to twice its size after soaking up water, unlike the beauty blender.
My favorite way to use this sponge is to apply my cream foundations because cream foundations are not as runny and they don't get absorbed from the sponge like the liquid foundations do.
This sponge is difficult to clean. The foundation stains cannot be fully washed off from the sponge. 
Overall, this sponge gives my face a nice flawless finish but to get the best coverage from my foundations, I only like using it with my cream foundations since they don't soak into the sponge. If I use my liquid foundations with this sponge, I tend to have to put multiple layers to get the best coverage, therefore I end up wasting too much foundation.

I purchased my sponge from here.

 Love, Chris 
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