Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blushes Review

I've been wanting these blushes in forever and I finally got them about a year ago. Not only did the colors catch my attention, but also the lovely packaging. These were purchased from Walmart for around $7 each.
 Pin Up is light champagne brown with a sheen, great for a natural cheek look.
 Honeymoon is a light peachy pink with a sheen.
 Living Doll is a cotton candy pink doll-like shade with a sheen.
Pin Up, Honey Moon, Living Doll (Dry swatches)

These blushes can be applied either dry or wet. I've never applied them wet just because I never felt like I needed to. They are already wonderfully pigmented while they're dry. When applied on my face, the sheen is really subtle; Since that's the case, I recommend this if you were afraid to try it due to the highlighting effect it seems to have. These blushes are buildable so they can be applied as sheer or as opaque as you like. Overall, I love these blushes, especially for the affordable price.

 Love, Chris 
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