Saturday, December 28, 2013

Reese's Hot Cocoa | Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

I've never really liked hot cocoa before; I've always been a coffee and tea kinda girl. But this year, my boyfriend gave me a Godiva hot cocoa set for Christmas and it gave my soon to be hot cocoa addiction a kick start. Since I've finished the cocoa powder mixes, I've been using chocolate bars to make my hot cocoa and it turned my world upside down. One thing that I've always known was that I do not like water for my hot cocoa, I need milk. & to complete that, real chocolate bars are now a necessity to my hot cocoas. 

So enough of the rambling, today I will be showing you a Reese's hot cocoa recipe that I've been making. If you watch my youtube channel, you will know that I've been having a Reese's addiction lately. So why not add that to my new addiction? Hot cocoa. 
- 6 small Reese's peanut butter cups (or any amount of Reese's chocolate depending on your taste, in my case, I used 6 small rectangle pieces of this XL Reese's bar.)
-A mug of your choice of milk
-Whipped Cream
-Sugar Sprinkles

The last 3 ingredients are optional of course.
 Step 1: Microwave your milk in the mug for 1 minute or put in on a low heat in a pot on a stove top for 1 minute .
Step 2: Start mixing in the Reese's pieces; heat the milk up for 1 more minute if the chocolate pieces are not completely dissolving in the milk.
Step 3: Add the optional toppings if desired. I added whipped cream, marshmallows, and sugar sprinkles.
Step 4: Drink up and enjoy!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Today's Little Adventure

 I've been having allergic reactions a few times for the past couple of years but then I experienced the worst allergic reaction last night. The connection I made to my allergic reactions was shrimp but the thing is, I would eat shrimp a lot of times and for the most part, I would be fine.
 Today, my friends and I decided to eat at this shrimp restaurant by the beaches. I was up for it, since I wanted to find out if shrimp was really the culprit. Plus, I can't give up on shrimp; It's one of my favorites!
We also stopped by this little cozy coffee shop. I had to grab a toffee coffee to end the day!
I will find out later tonight if I get any allergic reactions. Until then, I'll keep you all posted.

Love, Chris

Friday, December 20, 2013

My Small Haul: Home Goodies & Other Stuff

Even though stores are packed with people trying to get their Holiday shopping done, I still manage to have the patience to shop for myself while waiting in the long lines. Here is a small haul of a few things I purchased in the past few days.
A couple of trash cans for our bathrooms. These were my two favorites.
Candy Canes for our Christmas tree! My little Christmas tree is shown in the first photo above.
A floral silver cup to put our toothbrushes in and a paris soap holder for my neutrogena bar soap
My new Zebra slippers to keep my feet warm! Found these for $7! They were the last pair.

What have you all been buying lately? Done with your Christmas shopping yet? ;)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gift Guide for Him | Part 1

With the Holidays just around the corner, I've been doing a lot of searching for Christmas gifts. With all the great products I've stumbled upon, I decided to share some finds with you all. This first part is a guide of what to get a guy in your life. I have to admit, I used to think that shopping for guys was so difficult but after all my searching, I could say otherwise. Here's part 1 of some ideas of what to get him!
1) For the artist: A street art book is something they can open and enjoy from time to time. They can see and read about other artists' works. The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti is the definitive survey of international street art, focusing on the world’s most influential urban artists and artworks. Organized geographically by country and city, more than 100 of today’s most important street artists are profiled alongside key examples of their work. Price range: $25

2)For the adventurous:  The most recent GoPro just released last month which is the GoPro HERO3+. The GoPro is a great camera for the adventurer in your life to record their experiences to be able to share them with you or the world. Price range: $299 - $399

3) For the photographer: The Konstruktor DIY Kit lets you have a DIY experience to the extreme and allows you build your own 35mm plastic SLR camera with this kit. You can build your own camera and use it too. Price range: $35

4) For any guy: A magazine subscription! If you have a basketball fan in your life, get him a year subscription to a basketball magazine. If the guy in your life is into fitness and health, get him a yearly subscription to Men's Health. There are a bunch of mens magazines out there for all types of men; you're bound to find the perfect one for yours. Price range: $12 - $25

5) For the sneakerhead: Yes, you can get him shoes! But why not add something else to that? A Visual Compendium of Sneakers maps out 134 of the greatest kicks in the history of footwear for your eyeball pleasure. From the original Chucks back in 1917 to the insane Jeremy Scott and Adidas venture earlier this year, the print has all your staples covered. Besides, getting your hands on this 24″ x 36″ print is a lot easier than rocking half the sneakers depicted in it. Price range: $32

Review: Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

Hi everyone! Today, I will be reviewing the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask which is basically a peel-off mask.
What it is:
A groundbreaking, mineral-rich mask that peels off to deliver powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening effects.

What it is formulated to do:
This jet-black, mineral-rich mask creates a unique peel-off effect that delivers powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening results. Made with a premier-quality clay, its deep-cleansing properties draw out dirt and oil. Other natural ingredients go to work exfoliating skin and refining pores. Powerful antioxidants shrink pores, firm skin, and reduce inflammation. Once dried, the mask strips away dead skin, impurities and excess oil to reveal immediate and visible results.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

Research results:
After 4 weeks of use:
- 91% reported their skin felt softer
- 91% reported their skin felt less oily
- 82% reported their skin appeared brighter
After every use, I noticed that my skin would feel soft. After using it for a while, my face has been really calm; my face hasn't been breaking out. I can't say that it shrunk my pores or reduced the overall oiliness of my skin in any way. I mean, of course after using this mask, the oiliness on my skin is gone, but in general, I still have oily skin. Overall, this is a fun mask for me since I enjoy peel-off masks, but it's not something I would repurchase especially with the $34 price. I was just expecting a lot more for a mask with that price tag.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Ebay Makeup Brushes Review

If you are familiar with the Real Techniques brushes then you may notice that these look quite similar. These are not dupes; the brush heads are different from the Real techniques brushes. The body looks like Real Techniques brushes but the actual brush heads remind me of Sigma.
I purchased four of the brushes from one seller and the brush in the center in a different packaging from another seller. 
As you can see, the four brushes that came in the flexible plastic packaging also came in another clear plastic. 
I will be reviewing the brushes based on what they're called here, in order, starting with Style 1.
Style 1 is a dense angled kabuki brush that's great for blending foundation. The angle helps get the brush into the sides and corners of the nose and under the eyes.
Style 2 is a round top dense kabuki brush that is great for blending foundation or it can also be used to apply powder blushes.
Style 3 is a stipple brush that is great for applying cream blushes. It grabs a perfect amount of cream blush and stipples on nicely without overdoing the color. I love that the bristles are a little more compact so the blush concentration is focused on a certain area instead of spreading all over the face. (I compared this to my E.L.F. stipple brush that had bristles that were spread apart which made my blush would go all over my face.)
Style 4 is a dense flat top kabuki brush which is great for blending foundation. (In comparison to the Sigma flat top kabuki brush, this brush's bristles are longer which makes the bristles more flexible. But it's still really dense so it works with foundation as well as the Sigma flat top kabuki brush.)
Style 5 is the only brush out of the five that has text branding printed on the body and this is the same brush that came in the different packaging. It is a dense brush that has a contour shape to it so it can work for contouring and also for buffing foundation.
Overall, these brushes are great, especially for the price. Although, I did deal with falling bristles on a couple of them. They're dense and nicely compact, yet a little flexible.
I purchased the first four brushes in the photo above for $3.13 each from
I purchased the last brush for $3.45 from

 Love, Chris 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review: Makeup Sponge Puff from Ebay

Hi lovelies, today I will be reviewing this makeup sponge puff that I purchased from ebay for $1.68. I've been hearing a lot of good reviews about the beauty blender but I've been hesitant on giving it a try because I cannot bring myself to pay for a small sponge for around $20. 
 The size of the beauty puff in contrast of a quarter
 The sponge is dense so when I pat it on my face, it doesn't squish down since it's not soft. 
It's best to soak a beauty sponge before using it to apply foundation so that the sponge doesn't soak up the foundation. Although I soak this sponge with water, I feel it still soaks up a lot of my liquid foundation. It doesn't expand to twice its size after soaking up water, unlike the beauty blender.
My favorite way to use this sponge is to apply my cream foundations because cream foundations are not as runny and they don't get absorbed from the sponge like the liquid foundations do.
This sponge is difficult to clean. The foundation stains cannot be fully washed off from the sponge. 
Overall, this sponge gives my face a nice flawless finish but to get the best coverage from my foundations, I only like using it with my cream foundations since they don't soak into the sponge. If I use my liquid foundations with this sponge, I tend to have to put multiple layers to get the best coverage, therefore I end up wasting too much foundation.

I purchased my sponge from here.

 Love, Chris 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

September Favorites 2013

 Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eye Liner in Blackest Black
I've been lining my waterline lately and I found this eye liner to stay on my waterline really well. It's very pigmented, applies smoothly, and lasts a long time. It claims to be a 24 hour eye liner that is smudge proof and waterproof but I can't say that claim is on point. Although, it does last a good amount of time on my eyes. There will be some eyeliner that moves to the corners of the eyes but for the most part, the majority of the eyeliner stays on put.
L'oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base
This makeup primer gives my face a nice smooth base to work on. It makes my foundation glide on more smoothly on my skin. It is a silicone based primer so if you're not into silicone based products, this may not be your cup of tea.
L'oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Cardinal Plume
I've been loving this for an everyday lip look. I lightly swipe it on my lips and head out the door. It applies smoothly and easily. I love the formula of the lipstick; it's not drying at all and it leaves a nice soft stain as it fades throughout the day.
Nars Smudge proof Eye Shadow Base
This Nars eye shadow primer applies white but blends out colorless. It makes my eye shadows look and apply more vibrant. It dries nice and quickly, leaving a velvety smooth base. It helps keep my eye shadows looking vibrant throughout the day while preventing any smudging, fading, and creasing.
Rimmel Match Perfection 2 in 1 Concealer and Highlighter
I use this to conceal all my redness on my face. Whenever I use this, I skip my foundation since this gives me enough coverage. It blends well onto my skin and gives a nice natural finish.
Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit in Ash Brown
This is such an easy brow kit to use. I just mix the two shades and just fill in my eye brows. The shades are perfect for my hair color and it gives me such a natural look.
Wet n Wild Creme Shadow Pencil in Pixie
This is a gorgeous highlighting pencil for the eyes. I like to use it on my inner corners and the bottom half of my lower lash line. It brightens up my eyes beautifully.
 Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush
This brush is very nice and dense. I like to use it to pat my foundation and concealer onto my skin. It gives me the most natural look without leaving any streaks. It blends my makeup very nicely, giving an airbrushed finish.
REN Clear Calm 3 Replenishing Night Serum
This serum absorbs nicely into my skin without leaving any greasy finish so even though it says night serum, I like to also use it under my makeup during the day. It helps keep my face clear and when I use it on my acne, they tend to shrink and disappear without leaving a blemish mark behind.
Hard Candy Baked Blush in Honeymoon
Honeymoon is the swatch in the center of the photo. I did a review on this blush recently along with a couple of other shades shown above. This shade in particular has been my favorite. It gives me a nice pinky peach flush while giving me a glowing healthy look. The sheen is subtle when applied over my foundation and powder so it never makes me look unattractively shiny.

What are your September favorites?
Don't forget to share your link below if you made a blog post or feel free to leave a comment of your favorites of the month.

 Love, Chris 
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