Thursday, November 15, 2012

Top Makeup Picks: Part 1 - Blushes! / Makeup Travel Kit Edition

Hi lovelies! Have you ever had a hard time choosing which makeup products to take with you whenever you traveled? I'm going on a short trip next month and I just want to take the least amount of makeup that I can. I have attempted to start planning what makeup products to take with me, and I'm having such a hard time choosing! So, I decided to take it a step at a time and share my decision making process with you all. So, starting off with blushes, I am only going to take one blush with me and I can't choose from these blushes. What I already know is that I want to take a pink blush with me, so these are my top pink blushes that I'm choosing from.
As of right now, I'm leaning towards taking Milani's Pink Craze with me.
Which one would you suggest I take? Have you tried these blushes?

 Love, Chris 
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