Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guest Blogger Series 2.0: "Emmabovarybeauty" with her mini review on the Dior Amber Diamond highlighter

Who is she? Today, we have the Lovely Emma from Emmabovarybeauty

1) When and why did you start blogging? 
I started blogging in November 2010,  as I had a burning desire to chat about makeup. Once I figured out that I could combine my love of writing with beauty, I was hooked!
2) What is the focus of your blog?
My tagline is “…blogging about the things that make life beautiful” which generally encompasses makeup looks, collection reviews, skincare and fragrance reviews. I also share my hauls, which I love doing as they are some of my favourite posts to read.
3) What is your current favourite high-end makeup product & why?
At the moment I am having a love affair with Burberry’s beauty offerings, particularly their eye shadow in Pale Barley and their Lip Mist in Copper. The quality of Burberry is just sublime, and the packaging is a sight to behold.
4) What is your current favorite drugstore makeup product & why?
I am loving the Bourjois 123 Perfect liquid foundation right now, it covers really well and I’ve garnered compliments about my skin when in fact it’s been quite bad lately. An amazing feat for such a cheap foundation!
5) What are you current favorite beauty or fashion blogs at the moment?
I adore Essie Button ( for her natural ease and humour, and Getting Cheeky ( is one I am always excited to read.
6) What is your life motto?
A simple one- to take things as they come, and remember that there are always people out there who are doing it tougher than you.
7) Is there anything else you would like to say?
I’d love to thank Christine for lending me a piece of her online space to visit you all! I love finding new blogs to read and I hope that I’ve made some new friends with this opportunity.
I have decided to share a mini review on one of the most beloved makeup items from my ever-growing collection. The Dior Amber Diamond highlighter is a staple in many makeup bags, and is soon to be discontinued. Amber Diamond can be used traditionally as a cheekbone highlight, but it is also lovely when swept over the lid or used as a brow highlight. The separated shades make this really easy to do, and means that the price of the item stings less when you can get more than one use from it.
The peachy shade is perfect for pale skin tones like mine, but looks incredible on olive or darker skin tones as well.
Having something luxurious in your makeup kit is bound to make you feel amazing, and for me Amber Diamond gives me that pep in both mood and appearance that I need each morning. I definitely think that it is a must have, and urge you to run to your nearest Dior counter before it is too late!
Thanks for the guest post, Emma!
I hope you ladies enjoyed reading Emma's post of her mini review on the Dior Amber Diamond highlighter!
It's such a gorgeous product!
Don't forget to check out her blog at Emmabovarybeauty
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