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Guest Blogger Series 2.0: "Banini-Beauty" with her Top 5 Faves of August

 Who is she? Today, we have the lovely Kay from Banini Beauty

1) When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging only in March so my little blog is only 5 months old now! I had been meaning to start up a blog for years but I never actually made the effort to do so. I had a personal tragedy back in Feb of this year and during this hard time I needed something to take my mind of things, something to keep me busy and that was then I decided to finally set up a blog and I’m glad I did because I’ve met some really nice people and I really enjoy blogging even if I’m still no up to par with some other bloggers!

2) What is the focus of your blog?
Initially when I set up my blog, I was just going to be reviewing skincare products, mainly Asian branded products but now since I love make-up, fashion and nail art, I have started to include these posts into my blog. Basically, my blog is a bit of everything! There’s even some food and travel posts in there as well!

3)What is your current favourite high-end makeup product and why?
I love and still love my Shu Uemura Liquid Eyeliner Pen because it stays on all day and it’s so easy to apply especially with shaky hands like mine!

4)What is your current favourite drugstore makeup product and why?
I  like the Sleek 2012 Palette which, coincidentally, I will be writing about it in my post!

5)What are your current favourite beauty or fashion blogs at the moment?
I like so many but, if I had to narrow it down, I like reading A Dream Of Tokyo (www.bitten because she blogs about all things Japanese and I love anything to do with Japan. It’s great to find out about products that I’ve never heard off as well.

I also just recently discovered Lisa’s Leisure’s Blog ( and she has the most amazing eye makeup I’ve seen for a while, so she is definitely one to keep an eye on!

6)What is your life motto?
I love this “Remember the past… But live for the moment..... while keeping your eye ever forward to the destiny you create today”

7) Is there anything else you would like to say?
A HUGE thank you to MSodaPop for allowing me to guest post on her blog, I’ve just started trying to guest post and they are so much fun!

My Top Five Faves of August!

Let me just quickly introduce myself before I officially start my post! My name is Kay and I blog over at Banini-beauty. These are my current faves of the month:

1) Sleek 2012 Glory Palette
I love all the colours in this palette! I bought this Sleek palette for £6.99 at my local Superdrug store and I think it was cheaper than buying it off the internet! These were made for the Olympics and each colour is named after something or somewhere in London. Half the palette is filled with more natural colours and the other half filled with bright, summery colours. Sleek palettes are known to be highly pigmented so let me show you some swatches on my arm:
 From Left to Right is:  Tube, Overground, Bakerloo, Jubilee, Platform and Northern
Platform is the only matte colour out of these, the rest have some glittery shine to them which is great!
From Left to Right is: District, Hammersmith and City, Picadilly, Circle, Victoria and Central
Again, only one colour is matte and that is Central, which is really bright red colour! 

Sleek Palette eyeshadows are really easy to apply, they glide on well and the colour pops out on the eyes! Let me show you my EOTD using Victoria, Circle, District and Tube:
2) Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara
 This mascara is made by Korean brand Holika Holika. I love this because it’s easy to apply and it makes my eyelashes look so much thicker! This particular one is also waterproof , so it’s great for people with oilier skin, no more panda eyes! I am wearing this in the EOTD picture above.

3) Tony Moly UV Sunset Smartok! Sun Powder
Tony Moly is a Korean brand and it’s probably my fave cosmetics and skincare brand from Korea. My makeup regime begins with a BB Cream and I always set this with a powder. This Tony Moly one has an SPF of 50/PA +++ so not only does it help set your makeup, it helps protect your skin from those dreaded UV rays! The powder comes with a applicator sponge attached to the lid and it’s so easy to apply and blend into the skin. I use a sun powder all year round because those UV rays will always be around!

4) Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Hair Serum
After years of dyeing and straightening my hair, I have damaged it so much that I need a good hair serum everyday to try and bring it back to life! This is my current Hair Serum of choice and it smells so delicious! If you are a fan of coconut products then you will love this!  I apply this onto dry hair (but you can apply it onto damp hair) and my hair is instantly softer and more manageable. Apply too much tho and your hair looks like it’s not been washed in a loooong time!

Ingredients for this product include:
Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Whipped Egg White Proteins and Coconut Milk

These are all great ingredients to help strengthen and repair damaged hair.

Here’s a quick before and after picture as well:

5) Epically Epic Soap Co. Peanut Butter and Jelly Lip balm
Lip balms are something that I use all the time, so finding a good one is a must for me because believe me, I’ve tried some really poor ones in the past.

I’ve already raved about products from Epically Epic Soap Co. on my blog but I’ll rave about this lip balm some more because I love it so much! Epically Epic Soap Co. is one of my good finds on Etsy.

This lip balm contains:

Pistachio Butter, Sweet Almond ,Jojoba Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E and Candelilla Wax

One thing I love about this lip balm is the smell, it smells good enough to eat! The lip balm is really moisturising and because it’s quite thick, it stays on  the lips well so you don’t need to re-apply constantly.

Well those are my Top 5 for August! What did you think of them? Any other products that you would recommend instead?

Feel free to leave me a comment below or stop over my blog!
Thank you again to MSodaPop!

Thanks for the guest post, Kay!
I hope you ladies enjoyed reading Kay's post about her 5 favorite products of the month!
I'm definitely going to be looking into these products.
Don't forget to check out her blog at Banini Beauty
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