Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review on a Permanent Eyeliner?!

 Hi everyone! So today, I am doing a review on the Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen. This is one of those eyeliner pens that have a marker-like felt tip.
Their claims:
  • Smudge-proof color, waterproof formula won't smear, smudge or fade for more than 24 hours.
  • Smooth formula glides on with the ease of a pencil and the color intensity of a liquid liner.
  • Felt tip easily glides to create delicate to dramatic lines to emphasize your eyes with precision.
  • 100% Natural formula is dermatologist-tested and safe hypo-allergenic.
  • Easily removes with any makeup cleanser, just rub eye gently with cleanser until the line is gone.
  • Duo Tip, turn the tip around and use the other end of the tip as a new pen.
I was so excited to try this when I read the word "permanent" on it. On the Marbella website, they actually call this the "semi-permanent" eyeliner, because of course, it's not actually permanent. But it just says "permanent" on the packaging. The two shades they have are brown and black; I have the black shade.

Price: $19

The Application
The first thing I noticed when I applied this was that it wasn't an intense black color. I personally love really black eyeliners but this wasn't one of them. 

The eyeliner pen is easy to work with. I find that it glides on smoothly. I personally only strictly use eyeliner pens when it comes to my upper eyelids because those are the easiest and most long lasting for my oily lids.

The Wear
I have oily lids, so the wear of an eyeliner is the number one factor I look for. This claims to be smudge-proof and I completely disagree. This eyeliner definitely and sadly smudged on my oily lids. 

Okay, so the removal part is the final step that I want to talk about with you all. If you don't use an effective oil based or waterproof eye makeup remover, this leaves the eyeliner stain on your lids.  
- Easy to work with
- Doesn't irritate my eyes (They claim that they used 100% natural/organic ingredients but I cannot find a list of the ingredients anywhere.)
- Not very intense in terms of pigmentation (maybe because it's organic)
- Smudges if you have super oily eyelids like I do
- Leaves eyeliner mark/stain if you don't have an effective eye makeup remover

Overall, I do not recommend this product, especially if you tend to get oily eye lids. As for those of you that don't have issues with oily eyelids, I still wouldn't recommend this because there are honestly better eyeliners out there that are cheaper. Also, if you don't have oily eyelids, I don't think you would need a semi permanent eyeliner anyways. The name seems like it's geared more towards people with oily eyelids and that have issues with smudging. Even in terms of the pigmentation, if you like really black eyeliners, this isn't it for you.

Hopefully you all enjoyed my personal review on this. If you tried this and liked it or not, I'd definitely want to hear your input on it. I know a lot of girls set their eyeliner with black eyeshadow, but I can't do that because when my eyes are open, my upper eyelid folds hit each other, making my eyeshadow smudge all the way to the crease of my eye lids. Also, I definitely want to know your eyeliner recommendations. 
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