Monday, June 18, 2012

What's in my purse? & my belated birthday!

Hi everyone! It was my birthday on the 16th and I decided to use this purse of mine that I found in one of the local shops here. 
I've been loving quilted purses and wallets. I've yet to find a nice quilted wallet. My friend has a pink quilted wallet that she got from Japan and I love it! I wish I had a photo of it to show you all.
I love the print inside. It's a bit of an eye surprise.
I try to always bring a pen with me because there are a lot of days that I end up needing one.
Blotting sheets are a must for me to bring around because I have oily skin.
My beaten up wallet. I got this a while back from my boyfriend and it actually came with a chain that lets me turn it into a small over-the-shoulder purse. I'm trying to look for a small square wallet right now, so if you ladies have any recommendations on where to find one online, please let me know. :)
My itouch and phone
When I'm wearing contact lenses, I take my lens case with me. Mine are hippos. ^_^
I like to take both a lip balm and a lipstick with me. Even though Revlon lip butters are marketed as balms, they tend to accentuate the chapped lips I get throughout the day if I reapply it when my lips are chapped, so I still bring a handy lip balm just in case. But if my lips are being good, I go straight to the lip butter.
My keys, of course, are always with me. I found the tanned islander hello kitty one day and just had to get it. I have the membership cards for Vitamin World and Foot Locker which I don't really shop in those stores, but I just keep these just in case I do. My boyfriend shops at Foot Locker every week! Well, when he was here, back home. I always have to stop him from over spending. He loves the Nike shirts with all the different quotes, the snap backs that are back, and of course basketball shoes. I'm sure that we will be going back to Foot Locker when he gets back months from now. I also bring my usb and my little heart mirror which has Snow White on the front. My Lanyard was a gift and it was from Disneyland!

So, that is all I carry.
Sometimes I bring a larger purse, in which I bring more items.
I'll definitely do an updated post when I need to.
What's in your bag/purse?

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