Monday, March 12, 2012

Review: Milani Liquif'eye metallic eye liner pencil in black

So, I'm not the type of girl that likes pencil eye liners because I have oily eye lids and all the pencil liners I've tried have smudged on me. But I've heard so much good things about this eyeliner that I had to try it for myself.
First off, I did try a rubbing test; I let the swatches set on my hand first and then started rubbing the swatches. They will not budge! I was impressed! I also put some water on the swatches and they did not run/smudge, but after rubbing them with water, they did smudge, so I can say they are not waterproof. And the eyeliner is really pigmented! This eyeliner is also very creamy and applies so easily that it was easy for my to make a mistake. I am so used to liquid-pen eyeliners. 
As for the staying power on my eyes, they pretty much stayed put for hours, but by the end of the night, when my face usually gets the oiliest, I was sad to see that the eyeliner smudged on the top of my eyes where my eye lids touch when they are open and also below my eyes. I looked like a raccoon. So I'm sad to say that this eyeliner does not work well for ladies like me that have oily eye lids like mine. My sister, on the other hand did not have troubles with this eye liner because her eye lids don't get as oily, so I will be giving this to her. As for me, I will be sticking to my liquid eye liners. I will be doing a review on the one I am currently using, which is Revlon, and it's safe to say as of right now, I am loving it.
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