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Guest Blogger: "Meet MakeUp " with her October Favorites!

Who is she? Erica from Meet MakeUp - yep, that's me! I am a 25 year old girl with an unhealthy obsession for beauty products and that would make me a definite beauty junkie. I am also a Wanna Be Trend Setter. Interior Design Lover. Obsessive Compulsive Blogger. Inspiration Seeker. Aspiring Jet-Setter. Fashion Forward. Fitness Connoisseur. I live in the State's and before Christmas, me and my bf Phil will be getting a place of our own, along with a new puppy! Life is exiting right now as is blogging lately! I hope you like my guest blog and hope you will come check me out!

1) How and why did you start blogging? 
My blogging all started with an obsession of you tube videos. At the time I was selling both Avon & mark. and I knew I wanted to create somewhere that I can capitalize on my little beauty business. I started watching Michelle Phan which in turn made me start watching allthatglitters21 and realized she also had a blog. When I went to her blog I knew I wanted one of my own! It gave me an option to "log in" or "create blog" and I clicked "create blog" and I haven't looked back. Nowadays I dont sell avon anymore (but i still sell mark!) and I thought that was going to be what my blog was all about. Avon & mark. Now that I am way past that, blogging has a different meaning to me.

2) What is the focus of your blog? 
My focus is everything I love indulging in and talk about. I write about anything and everything: candles, clothes, dieting, jewelry, and of course beauty, beauty, & more beauty! At first my focus was avon & mark. Now I love playing with my html coding, testing out products for 2 reasons: 1. because I know I have a reason to indulge in beauty products I know I dont really need (haha) 2. I wanna give a good review that people can appreciate. I also have become really passionate about photography and have found a couple extra passions and hobbies in the mix that I didn't bargain for.  That's really beauty of it all!

3) What is your favorite makeup brand & why? 
This is a hard question. I can't say I have one particular beauty brand that is my favorite, but I do love Nyx because they have so many lip colors that I feel are quite unique, as well as their jumbo pencils. I love mark because they have so many shadow & lip gloss choices and they also do a lot of things that a good for a cause or charity's.  I also love Physician's Formula & Benefit because of their eye-catching, well thought out marketing - which is the packaging! I love L'oreal because they make the best kohl liner. I think I love ELF the most simply because even though they are cheap, they never slack on quality of the products! I haven't met an elf that I didn't like yet.

4) What is your favorite clothing brand & why?  
My favorite place to shop for fashion is Kohl's. I love Lauren Conrad's line because everything she puts out there is always so girly & romantic. You can find 5 different pieces and wear them a million different ways. Her clothes are also moderately priced. I can always appreciate a great brand with long lasting clothes, for a great price. Jessica Simpson's shoe line is also amazing. You can find her shoes at Bakers.

5) If you were allowed to bring only one beauty product with you, what would it be & why? 
After I thought a little about this I think I would bring my Proactiv. It has done wonders for my skin. It leaves my skin so soft and really does take away all of my blemishes (over time, of course) that I get while playing & trying out other skin care lines. Proactiv is truly amazing. If you have any skin problems and have never tried it, I def. recommend it!

6) Do you have any favorite beauty or fashion blogs you recommend? 
I have many! If you check out my blog, I have a whole blog roll in the right hand side bar but to name 1 from each category I am going to go with  P.S. It's Vida at  She always has really great pictures and gives many details about everything she writes.Like I said, I am a sucker for a great photography! As for a fashion blog, I love Her pictures are always really great too and her fashion forward attitude always inspires me! And obviously you will love their blogs (and mine) if you love MSodaPop! MSodaPop's blog was the 3rd blog I followed, we go back! haha

7) What is a tip you would like to share with incoming beauty or fashion bloggers? 
I great tip I think would be is that your blog isnt going to be everything you want it to be and more right out of the gate, it is something that takes time and practice, just like everything else. If you truly love blogging I encourage you to stick with it and keep practicing with photo's, reviews, and if your into html's, that too. There isnt going to be 500+ followers from the start either, that's something that takes time! so put yourself out there, make blogging buddies, and have a good time and I bet you that you will find a part of yourself that you never knew was in there. I have found so much of myself from blogging it is incredible how much I have grown from the experience.

Erica's October Favorites!

Sigma small tapered blending brush E45: Out of the 4 brushes I bought last month, this one is my favorite and the most unique brush I have thus far. I love that it is tapered because it fits perfectly into my crease. You can place the color where you want it precisely, because of the finer tip. You can also blend it out because it is tapered. Press a little harder and more bristles will hit your eyelid, making this brush an easy blender as well, making it a 2 in 1. I dont use this strictly for blending, I would rather use my Sigma blending brush. If you so wanna apply precisely and then blend it a bit, this is your brush! Review will be coming for this brush! Too much to say in a favorite's post!
Here it is in comparison to Elf's Duo Fiber brush

Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips "For Blue Eyes": Even though I do not have blue eyes, and i would have preferred the "for brown eyes" one because I love purples, this palette works for me.  Just because it says "for {your non-eye color here} eyes" dosen't mean you can't wear it! Im on to your marketing ploy, Physician's Formula! I know you guys know that, so I dont even hafta explain! I only wish there were a couple of matte shadows in there, but I have a few matte shadows, so im good to go. The palette is still awesome, even w/out the matte colors. I swear every time I use the silver one, it looks like a did the foiling technique..I didnt even have to try that hard! With a primer, they do not crease and I can make it thru an 8 hour shift with shadow mostly in tact by the end of it (as long as my eyes dont water!! any suggestions?) great pigment, great formula (haha), great shadows.
I love using these 4 color together: from left to right: 1) outer v. 2) crease. 3) lid & inner corner. 4) blending color for outer v 
I also love using these 3 together: 1) crease 2) blending crease 3) lid, outer corner

Nyx Round Lipstick Narcissus: I have raved about this here, complete with swatches and details- I am in love with the color (and scent/taste) making it my absolute favorite lipstick to date...However, because the lipstick is so soft, it rubs up against the container making it really messy and not very "on-the-go" worthy- Nyx needs to work on that! Otherwise it is the greatest lipstick there is! It makes me sad that I cant throw it in my apron and use it at work- boo!

Radiance Enhancer in Spotlight: Again, Review, Swatch, & Comparisons here
In a nut shell, I like to use this as a highlighter on my face. I love that it is subtle enough to be a highlight (once buffed in) but also very pigmented. The end result leaves a perfect shine to highlight. I also do use powder's to highlight but since I have been experimenting with cream ones I have noticed such a difference. The powder gives off a different sort of highlight- something much less subtle-and not quite as reflective-  than cream.  I apply this with the brush on the end of it, and then buff in with my fingers. 

Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in Blushed/Bronzed by ELF: A light hand is required, as this packs pigment. I like to dip my angled contour brush (from Sigma- they are clearly my favorite!) in to each side twice, tap off the excess twice (it's my ritual, and it works lol) and then go in above where I should contour and below where I should apply blush. I love using it that way- it's shines a whole new light on contouring for me! I have fairer skin- I think this is a good color, and even people who are a couple tones lighter and also darker than me can pull this off. Review along with swatches, comparisons, & the like coming soon on this baby! only $3! Love using this with the highlighter I just talked about!

There's my fav's for October (my b-day month!) dont forget about my give-away people! I think I am going to extend it into December so you still have plenty of time!

Hey ladies, this is Msodapop! I hope you all enjoyed Erica's guest post! These are definitely products I'd love to try! Thank you for the amazing post, Erica! Don't forget to check out her blog here!
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