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Guest Blogger: "Beauty from Liz" with ombre nails

Who is she? Liz from Beauty from Liz
1) How and why did you start blogging?
I had been interested in beauty world for a few years. I started out watching beauty videos on youtube. Blogging seemed more like "my thing" because I have alwyas liked taking photos and writing short stories. Beauty just seemes to be a field that in my country, Estonia is not widely published trough internet so I just grabbed the opportunity. Blogging gives mw opportunity to try out different products on my own skin, because everyone is different in skin color, texture and so on.

2) What is the focus of your blog?
Mostly I do product reviews, mainly decorative cosmetics and nail polishes.

3) What is your favorite makeup brand & why?
I don't have one favorite brand, because I have not tried out a whole bunch of products yet. Definitely it is something from drugstore, because I am a student and my budget is limited. My most expensive product so far has been Urban Decay Naked palette and I really love it.

4) What is your favorite clothing brand & why?
I don't have favorite clothing brand. I think that I would love forever 21 if it was available in Estonia. For every day I wear jeans and cardigan or smth so I am not that into fashion.

5) If you were allowed to bring only one beauty product with you, what would it be & why?
Mascara! Mascara and under eye concealer are only beauty products I use on daily basis, so that explains something I think. 

6) Do you have any favorite beauty or fashion blogs you recommend?
First international big blogs that I started to read were Vampy varnish and Makeup and beautyblog - really professional bloggers, who still manage to but a bit of their essence into their blog.

Very good Estonian blogs are: G-reveals (but she writes only in Estonian, better look at her youtube videos which are in English) and Miss L nail blog (she writes products reviews too :) )
Definitely there are a ton of good blogs, so you just have to keep your eyes open.

7) What is a tip you would like to share with incoming beauty or fashion bloggers?
Take your own product photos, always be honest and don´t write your blog address as comment everywhere. Most importantly, blog for yourself - it does not really matter how many followers you have or how many views you get. If you are good, you will be noticed in time. :)

Now for my blog post, I decided to show you my interpretation of ombre nails. I used different grey tones and added glitter polish to my accent nail.
What is ombre nails?
Basically it is color gradient on your finger nails. You can do it like I did- every nail is slightly different shade of the same color. Or you can do the gradient on each separate nail - using sponge or just melting colors together.

Used products:

1. Apply your regular base coat.
2. Pick out one color for main color, also you have to have black and white nail polish. Yes, you don´t have to own a ton of different polishes to do ombre nails.
3. Start mixing your polish.
a) thumb: main color + white
b) index: main color
c) main color + few drops of black
d) index finger as accent nail: I chose silver polish + silver glitter
e) main color + a little bit more black.
I used an ampty nail wheel as mixing palette- upside down the nails are like small bowls.
I used 2 coats of nail polish.
4. Add a top coat and you are done!
So as you can see, it is easy to do and I think that the effect is quite cool.
Thank you for reading!

Best regards,
Thank you so much Liz for this lovely guest blog post!
Don't forget to check out her blog here!
I need to update you ladies. I apologize for the lack of posts. 
I've been pretty busy lately. 
Besides school and exams, my boyfriend came back last week and I've been spending time with him.
I haven't seen him for over 6 months, so I like using all the the time I can to spend quality time with him.
I do however still continue reading your lovely blogs when I have spare time.

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