Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Favorites (Updated)

 E.L.F. The Beauty encyclopedia- Basic Eye edition: The swatched eyeshadows are the ones I love wearing the most. I love the pigmentation & shades of this palette.
Dove Go Fresh Body Mist in energizing grapefruit & lemongrass scent: This smells so good. Better than it sounds. I'm almost done with the bottle. If you ladies see it in stores, you have to smell it. I love it!

Myra E facial moisturizer: This is the best brand moisturizer that I've ever tried that's good for my oily skin. It's definitely water-based. Not oily at all! & it's moisturizing at the same time. I finished the bottle with spf in it & that works great as well! I really recommend this for you ladies who have troubled oily skin.

Aveeno sunblock spray spf 50: I love this because of its high spf and the fact that it's in this spray bottle. It's easy to apply & definitely protects my skin.

Retractable Kabuki brush: I love this brush for on the go. The brush is soft & cute. I love popping this out when I touch-up my makeup. It's too cute not to show people. 

Barry M limited edition lip gloss: This applies nude-sheer. I am in love with this. It smells so delicious! It smells like caramel-vanilla yummy goodness. I'm not sure if I'm explaining the scent right because it took me forever to describe the scent besides using the word "sweet." I even tried asking some people how it smelled to them. Just definitely know it has a sweet scent that I love!

Update: Sorry ladies, I knew I forgot something. I wanted to share my fave artist, songs, & youtube guru of the month.

Jessie J: I am loving her songs and voice. She's amazing and inspiring.

I've also been into the Pumped up Kicks remix by Jacob Es

AllThingsByAlli is my current favorite youtube guru: I started watching her because she too has oily skin and I wanted to know what products worked for her, so I can try them. & from then on, I loved her videos.

What's your September faves?
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