Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review time! Clean & Clear deep action cream cleanser (oil-free)

I got this when my boyfriend was here and I haven't seen him for a couple months now so I've had this for a while.
To the right is how the product looks when blended. It's a cream cleanser.

  • It really does have that cool, tingling sensation that I love! (Some of you may dislike that.)
  • Oil-free
  • Does not clean face well: I still have some makeup and dirt on my face after using this. So if you're going to use this, I recommend using a makeup remover cleanser prior to using this.
 Overall, I'm definitely not going to repurchase this. I love the tingling sensation but I want a cleanser that actually cleans my face well.

Have you ladies tried this cleanser before?
Do you have any recommendations on cleansers?
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