Saturday, October 8, 2011

Beauty Tips & Tricks

Hi lovelies, so throughout the time I've been into makeup, I learned some beauty tips & tricks. & in this post, I want to share them with you. You ladies probably know these tips already but some of you may not, so I hope this helps. <3

1) Use eyeshadow as a face highlighter: You can use the eyeshadow shades you use to highlight your brow bone as a highlighter for your face as well. I recommend you use a light champagne color because with my experience, that's what works best for me. I use the eyeshadows from my e.l.f. beauty encyclopedia (basic eye edition) as highlighters. You can use the e.l.f. Essential Beauty School Beauty Book - Eye Manuals as well since those are the ones available at the e.l.f. website.
I use the top left eyeshadow as my highlighter. (You can use the bottom left too. I tried it and it works well.) I put it above my cheeks. So when on your face, bronzer is applied below the cheek bones, blush is applied on the cheek bones, and highlighter is applied above the cheek bones. You can also use it on other parts of your face that you'd like to highlight. So when the light hits your face, you have that healthy-looking glow.
 Here's a swatch of the top left eyeshadow that I use for my face highlighter.

2) Use face powder around your eyeliner near eyes to help prevent smudging: So this is like setting your eyeliner with powder but instead of putting the powder right on top of the eyeliner (which can decrease the intensity of the eyeliner) I put the powder around the eyeliner. The powder helps by absorbing the oil from the skin around your eyes so that your eyeliner will last longer without smudging or at least reduces the smudging. If you already apply eyeshadow on your lids, you don't have to apply powder on that area because the eyeshadow works in preventing eyeliner smudges as well. But don't forget to take a small eye brush to put some powder around your outer corner where you wing your eyeliner.
The pink & orange lines show where I usually put my powder.
The pink lines indicate where my eyeliner smudges when my eyes are open. So if I'm not wearing eyeshadow for that day, I will pat powder in this area.
The orange lines indicate the outer part of my eyeliner makeup where I pat powder to prevent my eyeliner from budging all over the place.

I've been doing this for a while and there was one occasion last summer that really proved that it works. I was going to Universal Studios so I woke up early in the morning to get ready, which included putting on my eyeliner. I have oily lids so my eyeliner always smudges before the end of the day. After I put on my eyeliner, I put some of my loose face powder (you can use pressed powder) around the edges of the eyeliner (outlining the eyeliner with the powder.) Also, put powder on creases where your eyeliner hits when your eyes are open because if you're like me, my eyeliner smudges that way too. So during the middle of the hot sunny day at Universal Studios, I asked my bf if my eyeliner was smudged and he said no. (Remember, I put my eyeliner on early in the morning) I was surprised when he said that because my eyeliner always smudges, so I had to go to the restroom to see it for myself and he was right. I know it wasn't because of my eyeliner because that eyeliner (L'Oreal Infallible) smudges on my oily lids even though it claims 16 hour wear. So with the help of my face powder, my eyeliner lasted the whole day without giving me raccoon eyes.

Here's a photo my boyfriend shot while we were on the King Kong tour at Universal Studios.

3) Use Milk of Magnesia to reduce oily skin: M.O.M. absorbs the oils from your skin. I learned this from youtube gurus and other beauty bloggers. However, I do not use this everyday because it can be really drying. Apply a thin layer because that's all you need. Also, depending on your skin, you may have a reaction so please be cautious. As for me, this technique works well in decreasing my oiliness throughout the day and it didn't give me any bad reactions. I apply it under my makeup and sometimes use it as a face mask. If you use it before your makeup, make sure you wait for it to completely dry up and you'll see some white areas, so you have to blend those areas out until you can't see them anymore. Your face will be completely matte! I suggest you do some research on this if you are planning to try it out.
 I spilled some which explains the messy bottle.

So overall, these are the beauty tips & tricks I personally do.
What are your beauty tips and tricks? Please do share. ^_^
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