Thursday, September 29, 2011

Project 10 pan

Hi lovelies,
I wanted to post my project 10 pan. I got one of my best friends to do the project with me and she also made a blog! So without further ado, here are my 10 products:
Sorry, they're mostly lotions, but these are the products that I just really want to finish.
1) Palmer's cocoa butter lotion for stretch marks: I do have stretch marks on my thighs which I really hate right now. I swear, that's where most of my fats go to because I have really skinny arms. I'm half way done with this bottle. If you're wondering if it works, I'd say it softens the appearance a little but my marks are still there. It also probably helps prevent it from getting worse.
2 & 3) Banana Boat sunblocks: Since I go hiking and do other outdoor activities, these will be finished up in no time.

4) Cure Natural Aqua Gel: This product was around $50! I definitely have to use it up even though I don't really care much about it. Maybe I'll learn to like it.

5) Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque: The oh so popular clay mask. I had 2 bottles and one tube of this and I never even finished one! So I am going to try finishing this up. I actually gave one bottle to my friend because she was looking for a clay mask to purchase.

6) Keri Glassman skin appetit moisturizer with spf 15: I have other daytime moisturizers with spf to use so I need to finish at least one of them so I chose this one.

7) Pond's flawless white re-brightening night treatment: I love this product. I'd say I'm half way done with the product. You can read my review here!

8) NYC smooth face powder: I just use this everyday to set my liquid foundation. If you saw my finished products post, I finished one container of this already. This is my second one.

9) Maybelline Dream Mousse concealer: I love this concealer. It was in one of my monthly favorites post. I do have a backup or two. Yup, when I heard about the discontinuation of this product, I had to stock up.

10) E.L.F. waterproof eyeliner: I think it's about to dry up on me, so I need to finish it up before it does.

Are you ladies doing a project 10 pan right now?
Please do share. :)
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