Thursday, September 15, 2011

Anniversaries & story time!

Hi lovelies!
I just feel like posting about something a little more personal today.
Guess what, it's my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend!
& also, tomorrow is my 1 year blog anniversary!
Here's my very first post 1 year ago:
Yes, it was on pink circle lenses!
I started wearing circle lenses last year but I'm now back to wearing glasses.

Anyways, I wanted to share my story on how I met my boyfriend.
I am a sucker for romance and if you ladies would like to share your stories, please do. I'd love to read them! You can leave me a link or comment below.

My boyfriend & I met when we were in middle school.
We were in the school band.
He was in jazz band & I was in honor band so we had separate classes.
The thing is, jazz band & honor band practices together every Friday preparing for concerts & that's when we would see each other.

He sat behind me during practices.
He would always tap me & blame it on his friend.
The thing is, he was the school clown & I was the shy girl.
I not-so-secretly had a crush on him. Everyone knew besides him.
Well, I found out people told him but he never believed them.

On the last year of middle school, he ended up having a girlfriend.
She is 1 year younger than us & she basically asked him out & he just went with it.
After one of our performances, we rode the bus back to school & my friend and I had the Harry Potter jelly bean candies which had wacky flavors including ear wax.
He asked for one and I gave him a salmon flavored one, if I remember correctly.
& we laughed and talked throughout the bus ride back to school.

When we got to school, I asked him why he didn't tell me about his new relationship.
I remember him looking so confused. & then guess who comes walking to us.
Yup, his girlfriend. Then I stopped & just walked away.
It was our last year of middle school.

When summer came, I would hang out with my friends & he would be there with his girlfriend since we all had the same friends.
I was pretty jealous but I didn't cry over it.

After summer, it was the first day of high school & it was a fresh new start for me.
Or I thought it was going to be.
The thing is, I ended up being in 3 classes with him.
In science class, there were no seats left & I was one of the people who didn't have a seat.
& then this guy stands up & gives me his seat.
I look up at his face and realize it's him!
I was going nuts. He was sweet, smart, kind, funny, and a gentleman.
How was I supposed to get over him?!

As the months flew by, I had my eyes set on another guy.
My boyfriend (who wasn't my bf yet back then) & I didn't really talk anymore but he would sometimes pass by my locker and tickle me. (I am a very ticklish person.)

[My boyfriend's name is Jay.]

2 years passed & Jay & I haven't seen each other in forever.
He was single. I mean, he was single for years now.
Apparently, he broke up with his gf during the summer before we started high school.
They didn't last very long.

& by then, my friend, Rob., introduced me to a guy, named Kevin, who's been asking Rob about me for a while.
I found out I caught Kevin's eyes because I looked like his ex. (Which isn't such a good thing.)
I wasn't interested in him at first & to be honest, I tried avoiding him.
But as we continued getting to know each other, we started walking together and hanging out more.
& Guess who noticed.
Yeah, Jay.

Summer came & my birthday was coming up.
I invited all of my friends, including Jay & Kevin.

Jay was hogging me the whole day.
He would shotgun sitting next to me & even though he knew about me & Kevin.
Jay would always make sure he sat right next to me everywhere we went.
Why? I had no idea.

[Here's how I viewed Jay after all those years of knowing him:
He's a lady's man or as I call them... a player.
I thought of him as a flirt.
A lot of girls wanted to be with him & I didn't want to be on that list.
Been there, done that.]

During my whole birthday, Jay carried my gifts so I didn't have to hold them.
I expected that from Kevin, but Jay beat him to it. Like I said, he is a gentleman.

At the end of the night, all of my friends, including Jay and Kevin went home, except my best friend, Chelsea.

Chelsea and I talked and I found out that Jay was texting her when he got home.
Okay, it's not what you think.
He was asking her about me & about the chances he had with me.
So Chelsea asked me & I basically didn't want anything to do with him because I felt that he was a guy who flirts and can't really stick to one girl.

Along the way, I got to know Jay's real personality.
& now we've been together for 5 years as an official couple.

What I didn't mention earlier is what happened in the restaurant on my birthday.
Jay's birthday is 2 days away from mine.
It turns out, our friends told the wait staff that it was both of our birthdays and they ended up bringing each of us a slice of cake with a lit candle and they sang happy birthday.

Fast forward a few years & one day we ended up talking about that birthday of mine.
We both found out that when we blew our candles, we both made the same wish on that exact moment.

I hope you ladies liked my story. ^_^
Please feel free to share yours! I'd love to read all about it!

Okay, here are some photos of my week. Enjoy!

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