Saturday, July 9, 2011

Clinique: Acne Solutions Clear Skin System

I started using this regimen because for some reason, a while ago, my face broke out like crazy. I tried different skincare products & nothing helped. I basically gave up until my mother called me on the phone one day telling me to use this regimen from Clinique. I was just in that point of "Whatever, I don't believe it'll help because I've tried everything, so what's there to lose?" 
So I've been using this regimen for 2 months. I finished the two of the three products shown on the photos because these were just the mini ones (starter kit.)
The regimen includes:
1. Acne Solutions Cleansing foam
2. Acne Solutions Clarifying lotion (toner)
3. Acne Solutions Clearing moisturizer
Step 1: Acne Solutions Cleansing foam
Active ingredient: 2% salicylic acid
What it does: Treats, clears, and prevents acne. It removes dirt and excess oil. It unclogs pores.
My thoughts: First of all, this foaming cleanser removes all my face makeup (except my eye makeup because I don't rub this on my eyes obviously. Haha. I still used my eye makeup remover) so I don't need to use a makeup remover prior to using this. It really does clean my skin & it doesn't dry my skin out.
You actually have to shake this before using. Can you see the product settled in the bottom?
Here it is after shaking.
 Step 2: Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion
Active ingredient: 1.5% salicylic acid
What it does: Exfoliates to clear dead surface cells  & reduces excess oil that can lead to breakouts. Unclogs pores. Treats, clears, & prevents acne.
My thoughts: The one shown on the photo is my mini clarifying lotion that I already finished. I purchased a full sized bottle which I'm using right now because I absolutely love this product. This really does remove my extra dead skin. It's not gritty at all, if that's what you ladies are thinking. It's just that extra step of cleaning my skin & removing that extra dirt that my face wash didn't remove. It doesn't dry my skin out & I don't want to use any other toner out there. This is definitely my HG toner.
Step 3: Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer
Active ingredient: Benzoyl peroxide 2.5%
What it does: It treats, clears, and prevents acne by creating an invisible breathable barrier against acne causing agents.
 My thoughts: This really does treat & clear my acne. For you who are really susceptible to pain, this medication does sting a little. It also does dry your skin out, so I suggest just using this as a spot treatment instead of an all over moisturizer. I love that it creates a breathable barrier over acne, because your pores need to breathe to allow your skin to heal faster.

Overall: This regimen saved my skin. I am now acne free, but on that time of the month, I still get those occasional pimples. If you decide to start using this, I suggest you choose a time when you are not planning to leave your house or go out so much; like right now since it is summer for most of you ladies. Why? Because like other skincare medications, with this regimen, I had to deal with major peeling. That part is one of the major things that will happen while you're going through a acne clearing regimen like this. Out of the three, I can't live without steps 2 & 3(for those occasional break outs.) Step 1 is really great too but I switch up to other facial cleansers since I do have other face cleansers that I need to use up. I feel that as long as I have the Clarifying lotion & Clearing moisturizer, my skin will be fine. 
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