Friday, June 10, 2011

Friend history & Gifts!

Hi loves, how are you all doing today?
Well, it is officially the beginning of my weekend and I'm glad because I'm so exhausted & I've missed you ladies! I get to finally catch up on my blog readings! <3
My close friend, Star, from Japan is here for two weeks & I got to hang out with her yesterday.
I want to share with you ladies my history with Star.
First of all, Star is her nickname from me because it's short for one of her favorite candies, Starbursts.
We've known each other for about 8 years but we only met in person yesterday.
Yes, can you believe it?
She's actually from here but she got married and moved to Japan because her husband is stationed there.
So how did we meet?
Have any of you ladies ever had Xanga?
It's this other form of blogging, kind of like blogger.
Anyways, that's where we met through a mutual friend.
We were both into skateboarding & our mutual friend was actually a skater as well.
But eversince then, we started chatting.
We would add each other on other online social networking websites we had, including facebook, and we just became good friends over the years.
I had a great time yesterday hanging out with her & she actually gave me some gifts. 
& I wanted to show you ladies what she gave me.

~Floaral dress
~Green tea kit kat (My favorite!)
~Coastal Scents 88 eyeshadow palette
She's so sweet. I love her so much & I just feel like getting her some gifts as well. The last time I sent her gifts was on Christmas. What do you ladies think I should get her? She's leaving in a few days so I need to shop right away or maybe I might just send it over to Japan so she won't have to carry too much extra items in her luggage. Do you ladies have any gift ideas?
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