Friday, June 17, 2011

Blog Awards!

First off, I'd like to say thank you to Eileen aka The Sneakerette for giving me these awards. I was really happy when she notified me about it. So thank you so much Eileen! You ladies should totally check out her blog. I'm so glad I found her blog because I'm personally a sneaker lover as well & she would do all these beauty looks (eye makeup, nails, etc.) inspired by her sneakers. Her photos are amazing as well; she has great photography skills. I just love her blog.


Name your favorite color: Light Pink
Name your favorite song: Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold
Name your favorite dessert: Cheesecake
What is pissing you off? Nothing a.t.m.
When you're upset, you... go running
Your favorite pet: I only have one. Our dog, Tickle.
Black or White? White
Your biggest fear is...: my love not coming back home
Your best feature is...: long legs. Haha~
Everyday attitude: Positive
What is perfection? Seeing someone's imperfections and still loving them because they're still perfect in your eyes.
Guilty pleasure: Make-up!

Share 7 random things about yourself! 
  1. My birthday was yesterday.
  2. I love sweet & sour stuff.
  3. I'm afraid of the dark.
  4. I'm thinking about getting married next year.
  5. I hate the sound of 2 piece of papers rubbing against each other.
  6. The scratching-of-a-chalkboard-noise doesn't bother me.
  7. I have astigmatism.

1. Link back to the person/people who tagged you. 
2. Nominate other 10 bloggers.
3. List 10 of your favorite products.

10 Favorite products:
  1. Clinique acne solutions skin care kit
  2. Carmex lip balm
  3. Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac nail polish
  4. Sigma f80 kabuki brush
  5. Wet n' Wild Just Peachy lipstick
  6. Covergirl Natureluxe foundation
  7. Neutrogena skin clearing foundation
  8. Neutrogena spf 85+ lotion
  9. Ponds re-brightening night treatment cream
  10. Gucci Envy Me perfume

    10 lovely bloggers:

    1. The Sneakerette
    2. Dinorah Baby 
    3. InsideOut Elle 
    4. Rinny 
    5. JC 
    6.  D. Sadie
    7. Yami
    8. Christine
    9. DonnaDell
    10. Chica Bloggerista

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