Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sassy Nails + Discount code

Hey ladies! So I finally got my package from Sassy Nails, which included the Sassy Nails Crackle Glaze in the color Dark Blue (It comes inside a cute pink heart designed box that I really like) & one of the Sassy Nails Nail Polish Pens. As you can see, the crackle glaze nail polish comes with a paper that explains what the crackle glaze does, how it works, & the instructions. With the nail polish pen, comes a small pamphlet that labels the ingredients & shows the instructions on how to use your nail polish pen & how to clean your nail polish pen.

Here's the Dark Blue Crackle Glaze Nail Polish:
The packaging is cute & unique.
Front view
Back view
The brush is long & thin, which I love because it makes it easy for precise application.
Here's the swatch for the Dark Blue Crackle Glaze over Sassy Nails' white nail polish:
Be sure to apply base coat prior to the application of the two nail polishes (nail polish of your choice & the crackle glaze polish) to prevent staining your nails.
Now onto the Nail Polish Pens:
Each nail polish pen comes in 2 colors.
You can twist it and the two nail polish pens detach from each other.
When you twist the top, the brush comes out.
But if you pull the top part, where it says Pull...
Out comes the pen part.
In the pamphlet, also comes a cleaning needle for your nail polish pen. 

So those are the two nail polish products from Sassy Nails.
The Sally Nails Crackle Glaze Nail Polishes come in the colors crystal clear, jet black, candy red, dark blue (which is on the photo,) golden yellow, midnight purple, neon yellow, sea green, & sky blue.
The price for the Crackle Glaze nail polishes are $15.00 each.
The Nail Polish Pens are $15.00 for the 4 color sets & $35.00 for the 12 color sets.
But wait!
Sassy Nails was kind enough to give you ladies 30% off.
30% discount code: nailpolish30
Code valid until June 30, 2011.

I hope you ladies have a wonderful day & happy shopping!
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