Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My favorite toner! Clinique Clarifying Lotion 1

As you can see, I'm almost done with my bottle. ^_^

Price: I got mine for $10

I love this toner. After I wash my face and sometimes my face feels a little to dry, I just use this and my face feels fine. It is a lotion in liquid form. My face is very sensitive and this toner is gentle on my face.

Here's what it says on the Clinique website about clarifying lotions:
"Exfoliation is the engine of skin renewal. Why Clinique's dermatologist-developed Clarifying Lotion is the difference-maker. It releases dulling surface flakes to reveal clearer, smoother skin-perfectly prepped for moisture. Optimizes cell turnover. Uncovers skin's natural radiance. A gentle "tingle" tells you it's working. Custom-fit to skin type in Mild, Very Dry to Dry, Dry Combination, Combination Oily and Oily Skin formulas."

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